Philadelphia Freedom



What a way to spend a few blustery Fall hours in Philly. Have been photographing these lovely girls since they were babies. From Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens surrounded by Isaiah Zagar’s award winning mosaic murals to our wind down at a local coffee house, couldn’t have been a more enjoyable shoot.  I truly treasure loyal clients who no matter where they are will contact me and make shoot date work – coordinating schedules isn’t easy as everyones’ lives are so hectic, but the results are worth the wait. When you build relationships and establish a level genuine comfort, trust and ease it’s reflected in your work.

Photographers, remember that while all the magic can come together through connecting with your subject, often your shot can be perfected by offering some light directing. In this case the girls’ hands looked stiff and posed – a suggestion to have them gently hold hands instantly brought out natural smiles and body language.

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